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A Vision of the US-Latino Destiny

Behind the Scenes: The composing of "America, We Are You" The Song
by Hiram Colón

El inusitado y en buena hora crecimiento de la población de origen hispano en Estados Unidos necesita que, de cuando en cuando, alguien o algo nos sorprenda al punto de hacernos reaccionar. Es el caso del ultra conservador congresista por el quinto distrito de Wisconsin, Jim Sensenbrenner, ó últimamente la tristemente famosa gobernadora de Arizona.

Lea el resto del artículo en "El Diario/La Prensa" de Nueva York del domingo, 4 de junio de 2006.

Between the last official census in 2000 and the one of 2050, non-Hispanic whites will have dwindled from 69 percent to a bare majority of 50.1 percent. The share who are Hispanic will have doubled to 24 percent. Asians also will have doubled to 8 percent of the population. African-Americans will have edged up to 14 percent. In other words, the US will be on the verge of becoming a "majority of minorities... Continue reading this article in The Christian Science Monitor , October 10, 2006.


Poem and Painting by Duda Penteado

'We Are You' by Duda Penteado America, America...
At the turn of the millennium...
Still cries...
Still fights...
Still ignores...
Still sounds... in the four corners of the earth.

America "MADRE" America.

Not longer, white, blue and red ...
A new sound...
A new color...
A new brush stroke...
yellow, mahogany, purple, scarlet, gold...

Not longer only hands of hard labor...
But !!!!!! Lawyers, Judges, Doctors, Educators...
A Senator...
A Governor...
A voice shaping a new culture...

Latino, North America...
America Latina...
We are you...
We are Americans !!!!!!


by José Rodeiro

Iconologically, Duda Penteado's We Are You painting is a Postmodern tour de force that simultaneously incorporates three contemporary revisionist-styles: Neo-Pop, Neo-Expressionism, and Neo-Surrealism, additionally the work is reminiscent of revolutionary modern masters Pablo Picasso and Pierre Alechinsky, who pioneered Surreal-Expressionism and Lyrical Abstraction. These stylistic references are most evident within abstract figural-elements (i.e., four uplifted colorful hands, eleven glimmering stars, a golden spermatozoid comet, a mother and a child swaddled in a cerulean blanket). These anomalous characters act upon-or-around a rotating, undulating, and escalating spiral staircase comprised of red and white stripes, resembling surreal piano-keys. Inscribed on each stripe is the name of a Latin American nation. The four up-reaching hands intimate various races inhabiting America, as well as signifying a new 21st Century American world, fusing North America, Central America, Caribbean-America and South America.

Complete Iconological Critique here!

Completa Crítica Iconológica en Español aquí!
"We Are You: A Portrait of America in the Turn of the Millennium" by Duda Penteado belongs to LCA's private collection. It was exhibited at the Brazilian-American Cultural Institute in Washington, DC, starting September 16, 2005.

See video on the work of Duda PenteadoHispanic Horizons (RealPlayer) -- Hispanic Horizons (MediaPlayer) broadcast on Sunday, June 12, 2005 on UPN- Channel 9 -NY.

In preparation for its 2nd National Conference on Latino Elderly, the Latino Center on Aging (LCA) commissioned Duda Penteado, a renowned international fine artist, to develop the official conference poster. The feedback we received from his work was outstanding. Penteado was successful in reflecting the present status of the Latino community in the USA.

Duda Penteado unveiled his painting during the Latino Center on Aging's Thirteenth Golden Age Awards, on June 23, 2005 in New York City. Penteado was also one of the year's recipients of the "Community Service Golden Age Award" for volunteering his time and talent not only for the advocacy of the elderly but the community in general. According to Penteado, "Our country is a big mixture of many cultures and Latinos are the fastest growing population in the United States. It's time for the Latino community to rise up and say, "we are Americans! We are you!"

The purpose of this webpage is to initiate, maintain, and share the vision of the US-Latino community as the most dynamic and energetic segment in the country.

So far, the US-Latino community has fallen short of fully utilizing the power of its numbers. We are convinced that the inclusion and unity among Latinos of diverse origins will be key to finding our rightful place in this country's rich history.

"Thank you Duda. Your artwork is extremely important to our community and to our Country," said Mario Tapia, LCA's President & CEO. "The Census Bureau said last year that Latinos are the country's largest and fastest-growing minority group, now representing about 14% of the population. The University of Georgia conducted a study that found that Hispanic disposable income has risen 29% since 2001, twice the overall U.S. increase, reaching $653 billion last year. The projection brings this number to one trillion dollars by the year 2010. These numbers speak loud and clear. Latinos are here to stay. We no longer can be seen as an alien group, because we are an integral part of this big nation; WE ARE THE USA!"

Tapia was the recipient of the 2003 New York Post's Liberty Medal of Freedom, as well as other notable distinctions highlighting his efforts of sharing his expertise on elderly issues, particularly in the United States.

The Latino Center on Aging was founded in 1991 to enhance the quality of life for the Latino elderly. This has been accomplished through educational programs, trainings and advocacy efforts. LCA has been extremely effective reaching hundreds of thousands of Latino elderly and their families in both Spanish and English speaking electronic and print media, thereby helping elderly as well as providing them a voice.

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Duda at Work

(Left) Duda Penteado at work.

(Right) "We Are You" Unveiling - NY, June 23,2005. Joining Duda were Susana Tapia; Mario Tapia, LGC; Jean Fuentes, Fox Television Stations; Councilman Mariano Vega; and Brazilian Vice Consul Evaldo Freire.


Duda accepting the Community Service  Golden Age Award

(Left) NY, Duda Penteado receiving the "Golden Age Award" from Jean Fuentes, Fox TV Stations V.P. and Mario Tapia, LCA's President.

(Right) "We Are You" was exhibited in Washington, DC during Hispanic Heritage Month as part of the "Life, Death, and Popcorn" Exhibition (Sept. 28, 2005).

Washington, DC

The Green MagazineNJN - Television

"We Are You" by Duda Penteado featured on The Green Magazine. Click on the picture

TV Show "Imagenes" - NJN Public Television - Real Player

(Right) "Sorpresas que nos hacen reaccionar" by Mario Tapia - El Diario/La Prensa, New York newspaper.

Real Talk - Channel 9 TV Show, New York. 2006 Hispanic Heritage Month Series.

El Diario/La Prensa NY

Academic Series - 2010

Mario Tapia at Graz University, Austria

WE ARE YOU PROJECT - International Academic Series - Mario Tapia presenting at the Center of Studies of the Americas, University of Graz, Austria - March 17, 2010.

Mario Tapia at Graz University, Austria

WE ARE YOU - Academic Series -(Left) Part 1 of Duda Penteado's presentation as panelist during LCA's and NJCU Conference on Latinos in New Jersey (April 7, 2010). (Right) Part 2 of the same presentation.

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