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President's Greetings

Hello everyone, and welcome to the web site of the Latino Center on Aging (LCA). The LCA was established in 1991, with a very unique mission: to improve the lives of Latino seniors through advocacy and education. Our challenge is to increase knowledge on the hardships faced by our elderly, and to assist in the creation of new programs and services directed towards them.

Current and projected demographic data shows that the Latino elderly population, in the Americas, will increase five-fold over the next 50 years. This boom is creating unprecedented demands on the providers of social, nutritional, medical, and financial benefits programs, making our mission more important and relevant than ever.

We have now reached our 22nd Anniversary, and we are very proud of the positive and hemispheric effects of our accomplishments. Whether coordinating community seminars, or organizing and implementing national and international conferences, our projects and initiatives truly run the gamut. The scope and quality of our achievements are indicative of the LCA’s far-reaching and valuable work in the community.

Our vision of the future is of a most caring, equal, and inclusive society. We are happy that many of you are already supporting our efforts. Together, we can enact changes that will ensure that the “golden years” are truly golden for Latino elders as well.

We thank you for your visit and your support.

Mario E. Tapia
President & CEO

LATINO CENTER ON AGING - 576 Fifth Avenue, Suite 903, New York, NY 10036 - (212) 330-8120